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Bullying or Harassment Moral at School uk-Articles in English

All the articles are extract from "Group and Social Processes in Bullying" by Marina Parés Soliva. Registry of Intellectual Property of Catalonia. Registered entry number: 02/2007/6901 and B-4042-07. All reproduction must cite the author and the source.

Dissemination: Books

2006 Magazine Erga

2005 - Collaboration Book: "Ser Adolescentes Hoy" FAD with

"Projecto de Intervención escolar en un caso de bullying"


2007 -Collaboration: Book "For the Rights of Children and Adolescents" Villagrasa

"Derechos de la Infancia conculcados"

Traslation: Children's rights violated

2006 Magazine Web Belt Ibérica

2006 Weekly Erga Primaria

2007 Magazine Web "Sin Fronteras" - 2007 Web Educa - 2009 Web Dialnet

2006- Acoso Escolar (School Harassment)


Congress: Being Adolescents Today - Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - FAD 2005

2005- Cyber presentation "School Intervention Project in a case of Bullying"

Congress: IV Municipal Family and Community Conference-- Agüimes 2006

2006- Agüimes (Canarias) ""School Intervention Project in a case of Bullying"

Congress: VI International Virtual Congress of Education- Cive 06

2006 - Cyber presentation "A case of Bullying, How to deal with it?"

Congress: I International Congress on School Coexistence- Almeria University

2007- Almeria "Group and Social Factors of Bullying through Case Analysis"


Congress: VII International Meeting on Prevention and Occupational Health

2007- Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) "Social and group processes in aggressive behaviors and bullying- Bullying"

Congress: III World Congress on the Rights of Children and Adolescents

2007- Barcelona "Bullying: Child Rights violated"

Congress: II International Congress of School Coexistence- Almeria University

2010- Almeria "School and University Bullying: its impact on educational excellence"

Course: Bullying - Sedisem

2012- On Line "Harassment at School or Bullying"


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