History of the web acosomoral.org

History of the web
(2004 until 2018)

This website is structured in 5 well differentiated parts:
1- A part that addresses the concept, actions and consequences of Moral Harassment, of the Mobbing phases and analyzes the tool used to harass: paradoxical communication.
2- A second part, quite extensive, with articles on mobbing and other related topics based on the fields of human knowledge, namely: sociological, psychological, legal, medical, anthropological, journalistic, ethical and controversial articles.
3- A third part, in which said articles have been classified according to the most representative topics within psychological harassment (abusers, narcissists, silent witnesses, victims ...).
4- A fourth part, called the artistic section, where the subject of violence and human emotions is approached from the different branches of art, namely: poetry, theater, stories, stories, filmography ...)
5- A fifth part, called the solidarity section, where campaigns of various initiatives are collected, as well as sections dedicated to the associative movement of people affected by mobbing and a section to support the victims of Madrid's 11-M.
There are also sections of Books on the subject, conferences and events related to harassment, a compilation of significant phrases and the stories of some real cases. Without forgetting the amount of links to other websites, such as; the websites of all the associations against workplace harassment, as well as other websites that deal with the issue of psychological violence, websites of official bodies and also pages of friends. I want you to find the information you need and I thank you for visiting this website.
The Webmaster (May 2004)

Update of the web in 2006
New sections are added to the web, such as: Curriculum of Marina Parés, Forum of the Platform for People Affected by Mobbing, the Txoko Jokin and its Jokin Forum.
The information on moral harassment is also extended to other scenarios: School Harassment or Bullying, Media Harassment, Real Estate Mobbing, Family Harassment and Domestic Violence
We appreciate the dissemination of this page on the FEDAME website "Federation Against Mind Control Europe"


In 2018 the web is closed
WEBSITE CLOSURE in 2018. The main reason for the website closure was technical, I forgot to renew the host's subscription (web space). I could have renewed by paying again, but I decided not to and take some time to reflect. Other reasons were added to the decision to maintain the closure, among the most significant were the demands of people who had contributed their collaboration in previous years and who asked me to omit their names from the web, also their articles. The situation of these victims of bullying had improved and they no longer wanted to be associated with bullying. The website "asoomoral.org" was very extensive, very large and had expanded a lot, it was so huge that finding the articles and the names of the collaborators to delete or change them became a task that overwhelmed me. Another important reason, although not definitive, was having received a legal claim from a person (a judge) who felt hurt by an article about a victim of harassment, in which she was named. An article that I did not write, that I received from an anonymous victim and that I published. I lost that lawsuit against me, by this judge, I had to pay a very high financial fine that I paid over 6 years in addition to maintaining a public apology on the web. So when the web disappeared because I forgot to pay the host, I decided to keep closing and give myself some time to reflect.

In 2020 the “acosomoral.org” web returns to the network
OPENING OF THE NEW WEBSITE in 2020. In March 2020, the situation of the Coronavirus epidemic forced us to confine ourselves at home. This break gave me the time necessary to be able to “clean” the website of the contributions of the people who had told me that they did not want to continue on it.
My personal situation as a retiree gave me the emotional distance necessary to understand that I should keep my studies and work on bullying available to all people for free. The work of more than eighteen years in the field of bullying could not be hidden in a drawer.
I have decided to re-publish this website on the net. I never lost the domain "accosomoral.org", since I always remembered to pay for the renewals, as it was a gift and gratitude obliges not to despise it. The new website "asoomoral.org" only contains writings and publications of my authorship. It is not as huge as the old one, it is still very extensive. It is written in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French. I have done by myself all the translations of the articles, conference presentations, interviews to the written and virtual media. I will also try to include the audios of the radio interviews in their original version.

I want this website to be a useful tool for professionals and those affected by moral harassment.

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