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Treatment of Victims of Moral Harassment

All articles are extracted from "Psycho-social Intervention with Victims of AMT (Moral Harassment at Work)" by Marina Parés Soliva. Intellectual Property Registry of Catalonia. Registry seat No: 02/2006/3757 and B-1622-06. All reproduction must cite the author and the source.

Dissemination: Books
2006 Magazine TS Difusión

"Intervención social en casos de Mobbing" (Social intervention in Mobbing cases)

2010 -Co-author Book "Acoso laboral" (Workplace Harassment) Lembo-Abadi-Parés

Chap. 10 "Tratamiento del Acoso Laboral en las Organizaciones Laborales" (Treatment of Labor Harassment in Labor Organizations)


2010 Collaboration Book "Como desenmascarar el Mobbing" R. Peña Pérez

Chap. 10 "El proceso terapéutico" (The therapeutic process)

Chap. 11 ¿Existe una recuperación total de la víctima?. Aportaciones. (Is there a full recovery of the victim? Contributions)


2011 Collaboration Book "Como enfrentarse al acoso laboral o mobbing" R. Peña Pérez

Chap. 35: "Tratamiento terapéutico en el Acoso Moral. El método SEDISEM" (Therapeutic treatment in Moral Harassment. The SEDISEM method)

2008 Magazine Anales de Psiquiatria

Pag. 16- El trauma en el Mobbing y la Intervención Psicosocial ( Trauma in Mobbing and Psychosocial Intervention)

Pag. 29- El Falso Mobbing. Un acosador Encubierto (False Mobbing. An undercover stalker)

Pag. 30- Psicópatas Integrados Socialmente (Socially Integrated Psychopaths)

Book presentations Summer Course - University of the Basque Country -Basque Country: "Tratamiento Victimas de Mobbing" (Treatment of Victims of Mobbing)

2006 Web Yumpu / Viquipèdia

2010 Newspaper Diario Vasco

2010 Newspaper El Correo

2010 Web Acoso Laboral Uruguay

2019 Web Academia


Congress: Presentation act Catalan Observatory of Mobbing of l´Institut català d´Antropologia

2004- Barcelona "La Intervención social en casos de mobbing" (Social intervention in cases of mobbing)

Congress: Workshop for Families and People Affected by Mobbing- AVAL

2005- San Sebastian-Donostia "¿Cómo podemos ayudar a un familiar afectado por mobbing?" ( How can we help a family member affected by mobbing?)

Congress: II Annual Meeting of the Spanish Society of Expert Medicine

2006- Barcelona "Intervención con víctimas de AMT (Acoso Moral en el Trabajo)" (Intervention with victims of AMT Moral Harassment at Work)

Congress: Workshop for Social Workers and Educators of the Agüimes City Council

2006- Agüimes (Gran Canaria) "Intervenir con afectados por A.M.T.(Intervene with those affected by A.M.T.)


Congress: I National Congress of Mediation in Mobbing situations

2006- Oviedo "Intervención con Víctimas de Mobbing" (Intervention with Victims of Mobbing)

Congress: VI National and IV International Meeting on Prevention and Occupational Health

2006- Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) "Abordaje Sistémico del Mobbing. El método SEDISEM " (Systemic Mobbing Approach. The SEDISEM method)

Congress: 6th International Conference on Psychological / Moral Harassment at Work

2008- Montreal (Canada) "Réflexions sur le traitement" (Reflections on Treatment)

Congress: IX Virtual Congress Psychiatry

2008 - On Line "El Trauma en el Mobbing y la Intervención Psicosocial" (Trauma in Mobbing and Psychosocial Intervention)


Course: Judicial Intervention in Violence cases - Mod V- Pablo de Olavide University (Seville)

2008 y 2009 -On Line "Intervención en Acoso Laboral" (Intervention in Workplace Harassment)

Congress. Workshop Mobbing- Psychology - University of Barcelona

2008- Barcelona "Tractament per a les víctimes de Mobbing. El mètode SEDISEM" (Treatment for victims of Mobbing. The SEDISEM method)

Course: "Master in Family and Social Health Care. University of Barcelona" Module IV Psychological violence in relationships between people within institutions

2008 - Barcelona. Seminar: Moral Harassment

Course: Summer Course University of the Basque Country

2010- San Sebastian-Donostia "Tratamiento a Víctimas de Mobbing" (Treatment of Victims of Mobbing)


Course: Courses Edusalud - 15 editions in 8 years

2009 al 2017- Cursos On-line "Intervención psicosocial en situaciones de mobbing" (Psychosocial intervention in mobbing situations)


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