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The webmaster of this website suffered this type of psychological harassment at work and later also in other non-work areas whose manifestation is ALWAYS the same: preventing self-defense through discrediting. I was very fortunate to have ethical people in my work environment, who helped me and continue to help me not to be destroyed by the envy of others. My deepest thanks "to all of them" 2002 (see "Ode to all of them").

I owe them something very important, to continue trusting in the goodness of human beings.
This website was created with the purpose of not allowing the exercise of these practices with impunity. My motto is:
"If someone wants to shut you up, it is best to speak up.
If someone wants to destroy you, it is best to continue existing.
If someone owns your achievements, it is best to achieve success in other things.
If someone wants to see you alone and without friends, the best thing is to find other friends.
If someone spits their hatred and resentment at you, it is best not to let that harm you. "

(2002 until 2018)

I spent several years helping other victims of moral harassment, basically as a social therapist and judicial expert. This provided me with knowledge of the phenomenon of moral harassment and allowed me to theorize on a subject, then quite unknown, that I transmitted through national and international conferences, through collaboration in published books and magazines and that I spread and continue to spread through from the website acoso moral.org

Conferences: National trips of Marina Parés
GALICIA: Coruña, Ferrol and Vigo - ASTURIAS: Avilés and Oviedo - CANTABRIA: Santander - EUSKADI: Donosti and Vitoria - ARAGÓN: Zaragoza - CATALUNYA: Barcelona, Vilanova i La Geltru, Girona and Tarragona - VALENCIA: València - BALEARES: Palma de Mallorca - CANARIAS: Agüimes - ANDALUCIA: Almeria, Jaén, Sevilla and Huelva - CASTILLA LA MANCHA: Talavera de la Reina - MADRID. Madrid - CASTILLA LEÓN: Avila.

Conferences: International trips of Marina Parés

CANADA: Montreal - MEXICO: Campeche, Ciudad de Mexico and Oaxtepec - VENEZUELA: Maracaibo - COLOMBIA: Cali and Tuluá - ECUADOR: Quito and El Quinche.
The material of all the conferences, national and international, given by Marina Parés are freely available on this website.

I hope you like the new website and find it useful. All published articles can be copied free of charge, you just have to name the author and source.
Author: Marina Parés Soliva.


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