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Harassment Gang

All articles are excerpts from "The anthropology of mobbing" by Marina Parés Soliva. Registry of Intellectual Property of Catalonia. Registered entry number: 02/2006/528 and B-5856-05. All reproduction must cite the author and the source.

Dissemination: Books

Newspaper: Interview El Pais

2007 -Collaboration Book: Cuando el trabajo nos castiga. Debates sobre el Mobbing en Mexico de F. Peña Saint Martin et al.

Cap 7: "Estudiando al grupo acosador desde la antropologia" pag.133-164 (Studying the harassing group from anthropology)


2011 Collaboration Book: Como enfrentarse al acoso laboral o mobbing R. Peña Pérez

Cap. 15: "El Gang de Acoso" pag. 269-301 (Harassment gang)

Blog Punto de Vista (point of view)
2006- Congress Proceedings. Comp Juan Agudo Torrico- Initiation and continuity rites in the bullying gang by M. Parés


2008 Magazine: Annals of Psychiatry nº 24

Pag. 16- El trauma en el Mobbing y la Intervención Psicosocial (Trauma in Mobbing and Psychosocial Intervention)

Pag. 29- El Falso Mobbing. Un acosador Encubierto (False Mobbing. An undercover stalker)

Pag.30- Psicópatas Integrados Socialmente (Socially Integrated Psychopaths)


Congress: XIII International Colloquium on Physical Anthropology "Juan Comas" of AMAB (Mexican Association of Biological Anthropology).

2005- Campeche (Mexico). Master conference "Mobbing: Conociendo al grupo acosador desde la antropologia" (Mobbing: Knowing the harassing group from anthropology)

Congress: X Anthropology Congress. Spanish federation.

2006- Sevilla. "Mobbing: ritos de iniciación y de continuidad en el gang de acoso" (Mobbing: rites of initiation and continuity in the bullying gang)

Congress: V National Congress of AMET (Mexican Association of Occupational Diseases)

2006- Oaxtepec (Mexico) "Entorno laboral y Mobbing" (Work environment and Mobbing)

Congress: IX Virtual Congress of Psychiatry. Interpsiquis 08.

2008- On line "Aproximación al psicópata socialmente integrado. Una vision Histórica" y "El falso mobbing. Un acosador encubierto" ("An approach to the socially integrated psychopath. A Historical vision" and "The false mobbing. An undercover stalker")


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