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"Psychological harassment at work has the objective of destroying the psychological stability of a human being, through discredit and rumors. It is practiced by group harassment in such a way that the "stigmatized" victim cannot defend herself, cannot speak or her word no longer has any value. The defenselessness of the victim comes from the passivity of the witnesses to the violence, who allow the destruction of another human being in an unworthy cowardly way ”.
Definition of Moral Harassment by Marina Parés (September 2002)

Reasons for the emergence of the Moral Harassment phenomenon
(September 2002)

We live in a tolerant and apathetic society in the face of evil, that is the reason why psychological harassment is so widespread in the workplace and in all areas of this society. We tolerate the intolerant, those who skip the rule of law, and who constantly commit fraud under the pretext of a "noble cause".
And as citizens we have lost the critical spirit and with it the shame, because we allow them to destroy the good name of a person out of envy or desire for power and we accept that they do so with the fallacy of a "noble cause". We are unworthy for allowing a human being to be injured on the grounds of a necessary evil.
That is a lie, no noble cause deserves to injure anyone, because if that were the case, they would lose their nobility.
As it is about cheating and dishonest people, they will not discover their true intentions, and they entrench themselves behind a noble cause, to pursue their ends, such as: the lust for power, and prestige and more often than we want to see , what they want is to get the freedom to give free rein to their dark desires for revenge, resentment and envy.

Let's stop being hypocrites, let's stop being cowards, let's not continue to allow our society of laws to be turned into a piece of paper.
I hope that reading the articles on this website will help those affected by harassment to find ways out, and for those who support the issue to continue demonstrating that together we can build a more decent society.

Thanks in advance for all your support.

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This new version of the website is structured in 5 well differentiated parts:

1- JOB. A part that addresses Moral Harassment at Work. With the following subsections:
1.a: Definitions: the concept, actions and consequences of Moral Harassment at work.
1.b: The phases of Mobbing.
1.c. The gang of harassment.
1.d: Company: guidelines in the Organization
1.e: The paradoxical communication that analyzes the tool used to harass.
1.f: The judicial expertise of mobbing. The judicial defense.
1.g: Treatment of the victim.
2- SCHOOL. A second part, quite extensive, with articles on harassment in the school or bullying. Escolar
3- REAL ESTATE. A third part, which deals with Real Estate Harassment, in which said articles have been classified according to the most representative topics within psychological harassment. Inmobiliario
4- MEDIA. A quarter, called Media Harassment, which addresses the issue of violence in the mass media, written and virtual press.
5- FAMILY. A fifth part, called Family Harassment, which deals with violence and human emotions in the family environment. Familiar

I hope you like the new website and find it useful. All published articles can be copied free of charge, you just have to name the author and source.
Author: Marina Parés Soliva.
Source: acosomoral.org

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